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Dear Sir / Madame:

If you are interested in any of the items represented on this site?

  • we are the Russian company in the form of the co-operative of painters who insist in the profits, based in the Ivanovo region (see the map) where the Palekh and Kholuy are located in, so reasonable (sometimes more than 2-3 times lower than the USA / European retailers) prices are guaranteed; we nearly never have any kind of ?sales?, ?special sales?, ?make-an-offer days?, ?limited offers? and etc, instead of this we have very clear lowest price guarantee not offered by anybody else - if you see anywhere item/items of the same quality, artistic skills, complexity, originality and approximate size as the item you want to buy and our price is higher - let us know and we will make it lower for you, it will be lower then the one you?ve seen;
  • we guaranty the high quality standards by our name, internationally recognized painters? names, names of the USA-Holland-Germany Museums we are/have been dealing with, long company?s history of participating in different well-established International specialized art exhibitions and antique shows, references from well satisfied customers/collectors from all over the world, and you could take into account the quality remarks of each item from 1 to 10 (museum piece) scale, mentioned near the prices; authenticity is strictly guarantied by the experts of Palekh State Museum (with the best collection of Palekh art in the world) and we supply all the needed info including the artists bio?s; we accept full returns if the piece will be not as described / misrepresented, we also accept returns at the certain conditions (inventory credit) if you by any reasons do not like the received piece; *
  • we keep the track of the purchases and provide extra discounts for the real collectors of Russian lacquer art;
  • we export and deliver legally with official permission from Russian Ministry of Culture if needed and quick through the fast delivery service of UPS, DHL or CSE Guarantee Post (all western managed companies);
  • we could provide a layaway plan for you up to 6 months, if you like; could trade for Soviet themes lacquer pieces from 20?s-60?s era.**
  • we welcome any special custom orders and if you see the ?sold? item and you definitely would like to have it - we will be happy trying to provide the creative copy of it; *
  • for dealers; companies bringing big groups of tourists to Moscow, corporate clients, art exhibition organizers and those who wants to start selling our items world-wide and coming to Moscow, Russia we usually have the special bulk discounts. **
Ordering procedure:

You should send us email with the items identification. We put item/items in our stop-list. Same or next day you will receive the confirmation, your order receipt including the exact delivery cost (we have three inventory stocks ? in USA, Holland and Russia) and our financial info.

Customers from 1) European countries: could use the transfer in euro option right from their computers in most cases, you just need to have IBAN and BIC bank info from us (allow 2-3 days, normally it is possible to use credit cards through the websites of most European banks); 2) Russia: have many different options including Sberbank (allow 1-3 days); 3) USA and Canada: may simply pay by check referring the account right to the US bank (allow 3-4 days) or use wire transfer option through US correspondent bank; 4) from other countries: international wire transfer option, simply print the data we?ll send you and give it to your bank officer (allow 4-7 days).

After you'll pay and notify us, we verify the payment and inform you about that, then we guaranty you the delivery of your items in:
Parts of the world Guaranteed delivery time, working days Delivery cost, US $
for 1 kilo(2.2 lb.) for 1 item as min. cost
Russia 4-5 30 15
Europe 5-6 50 30
USA and Canada 7-9 60 40
Other parts of the world 9-12 70 50
mentioned above days. Insurance is optional and available for those courier companies and is 2%. We will be happy to use any other shipping companies advised by you, besides those mentioned above. Your item/items will be well and carefully packed in multiple layers of protection, if items have not been sent insurant, though; we couldn?t be responsible for the damage in route. You should check the parcel when delivered and sign only if everything is in order otherwise make the claim to the delivering company.

This estimation time table is correct in case of recommended fast courier services, delivery of which could be tracked by you / us. We do offer the option of normal Russian post which will be two times less expensive, but multiply amount of delivery days by two and it doesn?t provide the insurance option.

We guaranty with full responsibility the privacy and the confidential status of the received data. Each time you?ll continue ordering through our site you receive the special discounts for the best customers, as we?ll be keeping all your buying info in a special personal file.

You could always contact directly the management of the company, besides the website, by emailing to: palekh2001@mail.ru and you will get the answer same or next day.

Sincerely, Black Lacquers Co-operative of painters, Russia

* - some limitations do apply however, such as an old and auction section items, custom ordered pieces, most complicated pieces of the top artists, for example; delivery costs both ways will not be credited;

** - subject of a special agreement.

We accept all major credit cards through secured SSL protocol of www.moneybookers.com, you will need just one time one minute registration - and that's it. You will not send your data to us, it will go through Great Britain based (pay easily in US dollars) totally secured interface, which is under strict control of all applicable laws. We will compensate 1% of transaction cost, simply deduct it from your purchase price. It's very easy. Make your purchase in the most convenient for you way!!!! Our login email in moneybookers.com system: palekh1993@mail.ru. Thank you.

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