Attention! We buy old boxes!

We will be happy to purchase from you old Russian lacquer art: boxes of all sizes, wall plaques, decorative plates, multi-sided chests, decorative plates and etc.

If you have:

  1. Palekh boxes from '20-'40's with any subjects on, even in not a perfect condition or
  2. Palekh, Mstera, Kholuy or Fedoskino (or Vishniakov/Lukutin Easter Eggs of 19th-beg of 20th century) items of any shape or size with Socialistic art on (themes with war, cosmos, revolution, first Soviets, work in the collective farms and factories, portraits of well known leaders or unknown people and etc.) from '20-'60s
- please send us a full description (size, school (village) and year (you normally see it in the low part of the box/item), signature in Latin transcription (if possible), short description of the theme) or better just simply 1-2 photos of good quality to (do not send them to info/ - we will not be able to look at them then) and we will inform you in 2-3 days with our offer and procedure of receiving money.

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