The Gallery of Unusual and Custom Order Pieces.

As with all other lacquer miniature schools, not every Palekh piece comes up to the mark. A very fine Palekh work is like a jeweled miniature, almost too exquisite for the 21rst-century world, and more reminiscent of medieval miniatures or Renaissance art. It has both severe styled fascination of the icon and the deep warmth of the Russian soul within it.

The unique, one-of-a kind creative masterpieces of Russian lacquered Miniatures totally hand made by professional painters using the 24K gold, bear not only great artistic and collectable but the investment potential as well. Thus, those tiny treasures are and could be the real valuable artistic pieces admired by the collectors, with an open for the beauty hearts.

It's not that easy to find the real treasure, you must have art feeling, school knowledge, pure relations with sometimes very closed world of well-known painters and even a good luck. There are dozens of galleries worldwide selling and specializing in Russian lacquer boxes and hundreds websites (just type "Palekh" at the .google or .yahoo search). But among all these potential sources you will hardly find about 5 shops (especially because several real reputable ones were closed in last 10 years in USA) in the whole world and 5-7 WebPages that have the choice of high quality pieces and truly understand their worth and artistic complexity.

Our co-operative could match the very high standards of quality and at the same time suggest the masterpiece at the far better price then all the major non-Russian dealers. We do have an access to all levels of art works, but mainly specialize in very high quality, including exhibition pieces shown in the well-known catalogues. We cooperate with the EMS Garantpost as the trusted fast delivery service (in US it's a part of UPS service). And from the next year we hope to accept credit cards through the PayPal.

We could suggest the pieces of all most well known artists from all four villages, you could order any themes, shapes and sizes you want. You could order the portraits from scans of photo's or original photos of your dear relatives, friends and colleagues. And be sure we'll meet your standards of quality, creativity, time of making and the value.

Author: Nikolai Lopatin
    Theme: "The Flying Ship"
    Shape: 5-sided chest
    Size in cm: 27x21x23
    Year: 2002
    Quality (1-10): 10

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