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Dear Sir or Madame:

We suggest you to participate in the interesting feature of our website - it's the AUCTION of several high quality lacquered miniatures. All items presented here are with no any kind of defects except those which shows the age (the condition of old pieces will be not worse then ?in accordance to the age?) *. Highest bidder after the end of auction of certain item is the winner with the full responsibility of payment in 5 days time. This is the promotional section and we want to provide you with ability of obtaining nice lots for the sometimes fraction of the real price, but in return - please follow the time limit. This is the legal contract, please do not bid if you are not sure that you are indented to buy. Minimum increment is 5 US $. Winner pays the delivery and if preferred, insurance costs, please see all the details in ?How to order? section. We will accept check send to the bank in most cases.

Bidding procedure:

You should send us email with your name, nick name (under which your bids will be placed) address and email (only nickname and your bid amount will be shown, we do not sell / exchange emails or any other data with any other companies / parties). You will have to do it just once and then under this nick name you could bid as many times as you want by just clicking the ?bidding? button near the certain item and filling in your nick name, email (to confirm the bid) and the maximum you want to bid at that moment. However, you may be out bided by other auction participants, so we strongly recommend checking the situation regularly and closer to the end of auction especially, when you may want to bid again if you wish to win the item. After the end of item's auction (if you'll finally be the highest bidder) you receive the confirmation and your order receipt. If you will place bids for several items and win them we will be happy to combine the shipping costs, if possible. After you'll pay, we guaranty you the delivery of your items as well as privacy. Any questions or additional information are welcome prior to placing the bids to: info@palekh.net

We accept all major credit cards through secured SSL protocol of www.moneybookers.com, you will need just one time one minute registration - and that's it. You will not send your data to us, it will go through Great Britain based (pay easily in US dollars) totally secured interface, which is under strict control of all applicable laws. We will compensate 1% of transaction cost, simply deduct it from your purchase price. It's very easy. Make your purchase in the most convenient for you way!!!! Our login email in moneybookers.com system: palekh1993@mail.ru. Thank you.

We accept all major credit cards (and not only) for your convenience via PayPal, pay securely in a seconds and get your item very fast.

1. Lebedev S., "Seven Simeons", box, 15x10x5, ?, 7.5

Starting bid:50$ Bidding-Lot-286
End of auction:15th of March
Highest bid:125
Made in:2012-11-02

2. E.Vaniashova, "Russian Rest", 5-sided chest, red, 10x8x8, 2000, 8.5

Starting bid:400$ Bidding-Lot-286
End of auction:15th of March
Highest bid:480
Made in:2012-07-15

3. O.Soloviev, "Winter Troika", box, 10x8x3, 2001, 7.5

Starting bid:40$ Bidding-Lot-286
End of auction:15th of March
Highest bid:100
Made in:2014-03-07

4. Bokareva L., "Couple", porcelain tray, white, 1997, 7.5

Starting bid:100$ Bidding-Lot-286
End of auction:15th of March
Highest bid:125
Made in:2012-08-04

5. T.Krisenkova, "The Snowmaiden" ,box, 13x10x3.5, 2001, 8.5

Starting bid:40$ Bidding-Lot-286
End of auction:15th of March
Highest bid:170
Made in:2012-07-09

6. A.Shemarov, "Winter Plays", box, 12x7x3.5, 2001, 8.5

Starting bid:100$ Bidding-Lot-286
End of auction:15th of March
Highest bid:150
Made in:2012-03-14

ATTENTION !!!! We guaranty with full responsibility the privacy and the confidential status of the received data. Each time you'll continue ordering through our site you receive the special discounts for the best buyers, as we'll be keeping all your buying info in a special personal file.

Happy bidding and
Sincerely, Black Lacquers Co-operative of painters, Russia

* - in case of exclusions from that rule it will be either stated separately or clearly shown by the pictures provided.

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